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Feb. 15th, 2011

Kuja <3

Not Really Much To Say...

Other than I really really REALLY need a job. And I'll probably start updating this thing again once I have, yanno, anything exciting to really talk about. I mean, about the only thing worth noting since the last time I updated was that I graduated (yay!) and am now living with Ari (yay!).

So feel free to disregard this. My new, updated to watch list- once again edited for things that I just don't really have interest in anymore.

Shiki - 11
Legend of Legendary Heroes - 12
Full Metal Panic- 13
Baccano!- 6
Shikabane Hime- 2
Kaze no Stigma- 6
Revolutionary Girl Utena- 3
El Cazador de la Bruja

To Start

Gurren Lagann
Darker than Black
Elfen Lied
The Snow Queen

Oct. 8th, 2010

Random stuff ahoy!

In response to : http://chzoddlyspecific.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/db920a0c-33d6-4c8d-a72f-28f3a6b4cdd6.jpg

Plasmos says:
*I facepalmed
-Nyneve- says:
*I've always wanted to pole dance on a subway
*My dreams are now dashed
*and I must rethink my career path.
Plasmos says:
*You got a, what? Masters in Psychology to pole dance on a subway?
-Nyneve- says:
*Bachelors. Working on getting into a place to get the masters.
*The pole dancing in the subway was a backup in case the Masters didn't work out


I still have that ring bookmarked in my browser. You know. The one from James Avery that I stop by eeeeevery time I walk by the store and stare at? (http://secure.jamesavery.com/jewelry/search/product/R-1333/Spanish-Swirl-Ring/) Why do I do this? I don't know. Maybe I'm some sort of special brand of jewelry masochist. Dear ring. Why 50 bucks? For real.

My mother and I had a 20 minute argument (via Skype) over the thigh high boots that I want. She still insists they're hooker boots like the ones on the cover of Pretty Woman. I tried to point out the differences to her. She does not agree. Dad, however, told her to hush and "they're not hooker boots, let her buy them. It's not like she's asking us to buy them for her." I win.

We're going to play a little game. It's called "Let's NOT let Kayla stay up till 5 am again tonight." Winner gets my love and all my lovers revenge.

Dr Packard- whether you ignore my email or not, I'm still showing up to your office hours Tuesday. I was just giving you a heads up to be nice.

I had two dragonfruit. Then I got hungry and ate one. Now I only have one dragonfruit. This makes me sad- dragonfruit is hard to find.

Dear Chris. Get yo hat off my coffee table. That is all.

http://chzoddlyspecific.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/funny-signs-nude-waffles.jpg?w=234&h=300 <---- wherever this is? I NEVER want to be.

Sep. 5th, 2010



Icon is appropriate. Because oh. my. gosh. SO many Grell cosplayers.

Friday: I had meant to leave at like, nine AM. Really. I did. Unfortunately, my lazy butt had other plans. I actually didn't end up leaving until like...11? Shame. Shaaaaame. And apparently I was driving in my sleep because I overshot my exit from hwy 6 without realizing it and somehow ended up in Waco.

Yes. Waco.


Friday: I walked around as an original character (Kell, although everyone who knows who Kell actually IS was either there and knows this already or doesn't read this). We shopped artist's alley (Wait, it's Bizarre Bazaar at Animefest, isn't it?) where I bought a pretty pretty wall decoration to help combat the overwhelming depressingness of my white white walls. (This artist's booth is always my favorite. I stop by there at every con.) There was stalking of the dealer's room too. Basically, we did a whole lot of walking around and waiting for everyone to actually get there as there were a LOT of people in our hotel room.

PS: The Hyatt Regency is a wonderful hotel. Even if you do have to pay for parking. The DJ they hired for the rave on Friday was also wonderful. He had me at Tiesto. I'd only had the privilege of going to a con rave once before and then the DJ had not been very good at all. Well, I take that back. He was okay, but not ideal for...dancing. Anyway. Yeah. This guy was awesome. I danced for a loooong time. I felt it the next morning.

Definitely felt it the next morning.

Saturday: I ended up re-using my Selvaria costume from AniMat because with the move there just wasn't enough time to put together something awesome. Still love the costume- although I lost a bit of weight since April and so it fits funny now. At any rate. Despite my warning that whomever wakes me up before nine will be shot in the face, we were awakened somewhere in the neighborhood of eight...for whatever reason. I don't remember. But there was an awake Alyssa on the other side of the room talking with the other inhabitants and a Brittney and I in one bed making threats of death and destruction. Once we were all awake, appeased, slightly less homicidal, and dressed, there was more wandering around. Lots of wandering around, actually. I was mostly okay with this though as the cosplays are my favorite part of con. There was even a Shin Megami Tensei meetup (although most of them were Persona 3 and 4 characters, which makes sense. Not everyone's masochistic enough like Ari and I to play the older Megaten games.) which Alyssa generally ended up running. Okay, not generally. She did. Her and Jerry (Dressed as Akihiko!). We didn't stalk any voice actors this time as, as much as I love J Michael Tatum and Greg Ayres (lol Raikou and Gau), we already have their autographs and the Ouran panel ended up being cancelled.

Somewhere in there we walked to TGI Fridays for probably our only actual meal of the weekend. There was changing into semi-normal (but unusual for me) clothing for the LARP (Live Action Role Play) the Dallas IFGS puts on every year. Alyssa and I didn't actually sign up, but the guys were nice enough (and because Alyssa knows them all) to squeeze us on a team as long as we agreed to play dumb (since Alyssa's not even close to being a newbie and this would have been my third game so I pretty much know what's going on). For those of you who ever express interest in this (and even if you don't), a word of advice: Your cleric is your cleric. I'm there to keep you alive. I shouldn't be taking out fighters for you. Haha.

Watched a couple of episodes of Baccano! in the viewing room with Alyssa before dropping into the day two rave for a few minutes. Dude. Greg Ayres is one heck of a DJ. (lol. Gau was our DJ). No, I'm not even kidding. It was AMAZING. I'm disappointed that I couldn't stay longer- but I had to leave the next morning so staying up till 3 am again was probably not the best plan ever.

Sunday: I woke up. I went home. The end. That's pretty much how it went down. XD. Somewhere in there there was a 4 girl pile-up on the bed trying to tickle Brittney. NOWHERE in there was an impromptu trip to Waco. Hooray.

In general: I am so not allowed to talk about how my favorite characters get no love anymore. Over the course of the two full days I was there, I saw so many Grell cosplayers that it's not even funny, an Albel Nox cosplayer, a LLOYD ASPLUND cosplayer (What is this, I don't even! That was amazing that one even existed. Minor spazz characters FTW), and not one, not two, but THREE Kuja cosplayers. Like, since when has Kuja ever been popular?

Kayla is pleased with your cosplay offerings.

All in all, I went home with one wall poster and two Hetalia prints (one I got for free, one Alyssa bought for me <3 ). I am also SHAME, for I bought figures. They had random Star Ocean 4 (FAVORITE GAAAAME) figures in boxes. I randomly picked and my box had a Reimei inside. Not Faize, but not a horrible character. Funny thing though- another figurine booth had an Edge but his sword was broken. Well, I asked them if they had another, they said no. They said he was up there for decoration and they hadn't actually expected anyone to express interest in buying him but if I had two dollars, they'd give him to me.

So I got a 15 dollar figurine for 2 bucks. I can superglue the sword back together. I now have an Edge/Reimei set.

I am most pleased.

My camera died about an hour into con, so all my pictures are on Brittney's camera. I'll post them later. =)

Aug. 2nd, 2010

Resonance of Fate

Aaaaah! Moving/life/animefest

Packing up to move out of the place I've been at for two years. On one hand, it's sad because I know that once I leave here, I'll be moving from place to place for a while and won't have a steady place to live until- man I don't even know when.

But on the other hand, it's a new place so it's pretty exciting. It'll be a place where I cam use my TV for what I want to without having to clear it with everyone first and if I clean up a mess? It'll be JUST my mess. It will be absolutely lovely.

This week is also the last week of work until late August. It'll be nice to have a break, but I'll miss everyone until I get back =)

Let's see. I still need to do laundry and pack my suitcase and put the rest of my clothes in a box. And the dishes need to be put through the dishwasher so I can put them in their box. And I need to find a box big enough for all the rest of my stuffed animals that I couldn't stuff into other boxes. My roommates and I need to go though the spice and tea cabinets and figure out what is going with who- although other than what's on my spice rack and in my box of bagged spices, I probably won't put up much of a fight for much of it. We'll see.

Speaking of which, I like...owe Ari/Second wife my soul. Because she's helping me move furniture since the Uhaul place won't let me rent a truck. Because they're dumb. =P

Tracy's wedding was beautiful and very...well...Tracy XD. It was at an antique rose emporium so the setting was gorgeous. =)


Con is an expensive venture. Like, just to get in the door is expensive. Then at A-fest we decided we're going to start doing the hotel room thing and blah blah blah....

So I set spending rules for myself at AniMat and they turned out really well (at least with Ari's insistence that I stick to them >.> ) So I'm writing myself rules for A-fest.

1) Thou shalt be allowed to buy A wall decoration. Just one. And this wall decoration must be a print of your choosing from the Artist's Alley- for you need no more wall scrolls and wall scrolls are expensive ventures.

2) Thou shalt be allowed to buy (no more than two) phone tags. Because you collect these and they're not all that expensive.

3) Thou shalt NOT buy figurines. Figurines are expensive ventures. There ARE, however, exceptions to this rule. If the figurine is one of the following-
- Faize Shiefa Beleth and/or Lymle Lemuri Phi
- Grell Sutcliffe
- Claude Faustus
- Kuja
-then it is acceptable at this point to buy it. Thou shalt understand that in the event that a booth possesses BOTH Faize and Lymle, then you are obligated to buy them as a pair and are therefore not allowed to buy anything else for the rest of con. Because they are adorable. Counted among the exceptions is also Welkin Gunther- but be careful with this one. For if one buys Welkin, one must also buy an Alicia to accompany him- for the same reason Faize and Lymle must be purchased as a set

4)Thou shalt NOT purchase pointy objects. For they are cheaper at renfest and of the same quality. The only exception to this is Saya's katana from Blood+ - for you are a Blood+ nerd. But if this occurs, it must be the katana from the second season and you may not purchase anything else at con.

4) Thou shalt NOT buy DVDs. No matter how much thou may love a series. The internet is for watching anime and it'll all still be there when you get home. There is no exception to this.

5) Thou shalt NOT buy Manga. You don't read it anyway. The only exception to this is exceptionally cheap volumes of Ouran High School Host Club- for you collect this. But they'd have to be pretty exceptionally cheap to beat what you can order it online for/ find in half price books. So this will probably not happen.

6) Thou shalt NOT buy video games. You already have more than you can play.

7) Thou shalt NOT buy doujinshi. There are so many reasons why this goes without saying. So. Many. Plus most of them are in Japanese- and you can't read Japanese anyway.

Jul. 10th, 2010


Nerdiness ahoy!

I want to get back into the habit of updating this thing. And I will. But for now, I need to use it for nerdy stuff:


Okay so. Because I'm a masochist, I can't seem to be content wearing the same cosplay for two cons in a row. And also, because I am a masochist, I can't seem to pick easy or simple cosplays either. I have two to chose from- both probably equally difficult and expensive.

Help me decide?

Option A: http://i452.photobucket.com/albums/qq244/Toru_Uchiha/ReimiSaionji.jpg


Option B: http://i593.photobucket.com/albums/tt19/TheBabeList/Babes%20I-Q/leanne01.jpg

You guessed it. Either of which ends up meaning another con for Kayla....in heels. Ah well. We'll be manning a booth this time, so that shouldn't be horrendous.


Kuroshitsuji II- WHATISTHISIDON'TEVEN....needs moar Claude.


Kayla's NEW AND REVISED Anime To-Watch list. Because the old list was riddled with things I don't care to finish and stuff that I really don't feel like starting in the first place.

Currently Watching

Kuroshitsuji II Apparently complete?
Shiki - 11
Legend of Legendary Heroes - 12

Ergo Proxy Complete!
Romeo X Juliet Complete!
Kyo Kara Maou- I don't even know anymore
Full Metal Panic- 13
Nabari no Ou Complete!
Baccano!- 6
Shikabane Hime- 2
Claymore Complete!
Kaze no Stigma- 6
Revolutionary Girl Utena- 3
Princess Princess- 2
Witchblade- 2

To Start

Gurren Lagann
Sengoku Basara
Darker than Black
Elfen Lied

(Alyssa, Ari, if you can think of anything I forgot/anything I should watch, lemme know and I'll add it)

Jun. 29th, 2010


I don't get it.

It seems that no matter how much progress I think I make, I'm always in the background. Completely overlooked. Part of the scenery.

What am I supposed to do? Jump up and down, flailing my arms, saying "here I am! Pay attention to me!" ?

What is so wrong with me that nobody wants anything to do with me?

I just want to be included. Is that too much to ask for?

I'm so lonely.

Jun. 1st, 2010

Hehe. I COMPLETELY forgot about these scenes.

Here. Have some random SoD dialogue. I have no idea why I was suddenly possessed to go back and re-read it all. I need to EDIT it all though. Bad typos and phrasing are bad.

Fun stuff here!Collapse )

Mar. 7th, 2010

You would think I would learn to stop trusting people.



That is all.

Feb. 11th, 2010

Nerdy musing

It has occurred to me that although I will have a paying job for this summer and although there are a grand total of four games coming out in the next few months that I'd love to have, I cannot purchase all of them (at least not right away). Whoever decided that 60 dollars was a reasonable price for a new game should be smacked.

So I can probably only buy one brand new. Everyone's all caught up in Final Fantasy XIII mania. And I'll admit, it looks pretty sweet. However, my response to this?

Screw Final Fantasy XIII. I want THIS one:

Feb. 5th, 2010

Lloyd &quot;hmm&quot; &lt;3

My RP friends are the weirdest people ever.

Beware, citizens of the internets. V and Kayla have bonded. The world will never ever be the same again.

(based off of his character Vegnya and my character 'Sara')

Vera says:
I just thought of something really funny.
-Veldrosia- says:
Vera says:
Our characters have a dialogue that's ripped right off the verses of I Will Survive.
-Veldrosia- says:
o.O ?
Vera says:
Vegnya: Leaving Liberi Noctis was tough for me. At first I was afraid, I was petrified?
Sara: Petrified? What, you knew you couldn't live without me by your side?
Vegnya: Well I did spend many nights thinking how you did me wrong.
Sara: And that made you strong?
Vegnya: Yeah! And with humans I knew how to get along!
Sara: Now I'm back from outer space.
-Veldrosia- says:
That's the best thing I've read all day.
Vera says:
Sara: It's a reunion, and I walk in to find you here with that sad look upon your face.
Vegnya: How'd you get out of that coffin? I should changed that stupid lock, should hidden away the key, if I knew for just one second you'd back to bother me.
Sara: So you expect me to walk out the door, turn around because I'm not welcomed any more.
Vegnya: Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with good bye?
Sara: You're one to talk. You thought I'd crumble, you thought I'd lay down and die?
Vegnya: Oh no, I...knew you'd survive.
Sara: As long as I know how to kill, I know I'll stay alive.
Vegnya: But I've got all my life to live, and all my bullets I have to give. Now I'll survive. I will survive....hey, hey.
-Veldrosia- says:
Congratulations, V. You just singlehandedly made my day.
Vera says:
Yeah, I just nearly choked on my coffee after looking through what bullshit I just did there XDDD

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